Australia Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190


It is a permanent visa for individuals who cannot meet the requirements for Skilled Independent Migrant Visa qualifications. Candidates must be sponsored by a parent who is eligible and resides in Australia or by nomination by a territory or state government who participates in the visa scheme. Candidates must pass a test based on points.

It is a Permanent Residence Visa. For a resident, you can stay in Australia for an indefinite period. The permission also enables you to travel to and from down under, for five years after the date of the visa issue. Expiry of the visa will not affect your resident condition if you are staying in Australia. Although, if you wish to keep visiting Australia and continue to remain after the expiration of the first visa, you must acquire a local (RRV) visa. Your RRV rights will rely on how long you were in Australia.

The mascot for the year of the visa. Leaving this visa will not affect your stay if you are in Australia. However, if you wish to continue visiting Australia and to stay with the permission, you must obtain a Local Visa (RRV).

Points Test

It is a visa that has a test point designed for the selection of visa applicants who have the attributes and skills that will enable them to find the appropriate job in a profession that suits their abilities and needs in Australia.

What will this visa let me do?

This visa also allows all secondary visa applicants who reside in Australia.

Permanent Australian residents can:

  • Stay & work permanently inside the country;
  • To be studying in Australia in school, education and Vocational Training (VET) or section university
  • To get subsidized health care through PBS and Medicare
  • Appeal for the nation's prized citizenship (this is again topic to the requirements related to residency);


Immigration points in Australia: The applicant must obtain the result of the 60 Point Test.

For migration to Australia, points are awarded according to the below criteria:

  • Year
  • Skills in the English language (TOEFL, iBT, IELTS and PTE Accepted academic tests)
  • A well-qualified occupation
  • Appointment of a state or territorial government or a preferential patronage
  • Skills evaluation
  • Location
  • Health condition
  • Moral Character
  • Declaration of Australian Values
  • Professional and Australian employment
  • Australian Application for Study
  • Qualifications
  • Community languages are credible
  • Regional Research of Australia
  • Partnerships
  • Professional year
  • Download our service and access these visa requirements.

Note: PTE and TOEFL iBT Academic assessment would be received from applicants starting from November 2014


The following can be accepted as dependent

  • Partner
  • Depending on your son or your partner
  • Depending on your partner or you.

Secondary applicants must possess all the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Knowledge of English
  • Health
  • Character
  • Declaration of Australian values

Visa Costs

  • Application for Visa Paid to the Chief Candidate: AUD 3755
  • Additional fee for applicants over 18 years of age: AUD 1875
  • Extra charge for applicants under the age of 18: AUD 940

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