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Visiting a country can occur due to any reason, it can be for visiting purposes, vacation, medical treatment or any regular business trip. It is very possible that the motive of travelling abroad might not fall under any of our visa service categories, but it worthy to note that as a top Visa Service Consultant our work is not confined to these few categories. We also extend our services to all other possible motives of immigration which may be:

  • Medical check up
  • Re-appealing cases rejected
  • Participation in International sports events like the Olympics, World cup among others.

You definitely need to get a reliable and experienced visa service provider like Opulentus. If you fall into these unusual categories, we will be willing to render full assistance to help you obtain that overseas visa and travel overseas.


Other Types of Eligibility Visas Available Include

1) Temporary skill shortage visa, subclass 482:

This abroad visa is designed to allow employers to solve the issue of decreased labor by bringing in skilled workers into Australia.

2) Temporary work visa, subclass 400;

This visa allows the holders to do non-ongoing work in Australia which must be short-term and highly specialized.

3) Temporary work visa, subclass 408:           

This allows holders to work in the Australian entertainment industry.

4) Sports Visa: this is for people coming to develop the sport in Australia by participating on a temporary basis.

5) Employer Nominated Scheme Visa: used by employers to solve the problem of insufficient labor.

6) Investor Retirement Visa: This visa opens the pathway for retired business people with the significant asset to come and invest their money.

How Opulentus Can Help You?

Opulentus can give you the necessary assistance that you need to ease up the application process. Try us today and see why plenty of visa applicants trust us at a time by applying for different countries visa through us.

Opulentus Fees, Cost and Refund Policy

As one of the best Immigration Consultants in India, Opulentus offers competitive fee which is rated top in the immigration industry. We process over 5000 active cases from all over the world at a given time, thanks to our state-of-the-art processing center. With Opulentus, you get the best hands at the best prices. Standard prices are charged across all our offices. We assure you that besides company offers and campaigns, you will not be asked to pay a higher or lesser price. The company determines the price and this remain the same for all of our clients.

Browse Opulentus Visa Services

Ø  Expert guidance on the complete process

Ø  Documentation (this defers from country to country)

Ø  Document checklist at every stage and help with requisites and choices after a copy of the signed service agreement has been received

Ø  Provision of documents samples

Ø  We also act as correspondence on your behalf whenever there is a need for it.

Ø  Help you to fix the interview date with the embassy

Ø  Post landing services

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