Belgium Work Permit

Introduction - Belgium Immigration and Work Permit

Overseas professionals who would purpose to join the workforce as a staff must possess a Belgium work permit. This rule does not reflect nationals of the Member States of the European Economic Area and Swiss nationals.

Types of Belgium walk permit

There are three different types of work permit in Belgium, namely:

Work permit type-A

This is valid for all salaried professions and every employer, for an infinite period.

Work permit type-A is an infinite form of a permit because a Belgian employer is not restricted to employ candidate it permits a candidate for an unrestricted length of time. The Belgium work permit grant this type-A permit to the following sets of clients

  • They grant Spouse of foreign nationals with type-A permit
  • They grant the Belgian national non-EU domestic partners
  • They also grant the non-EU domestic partner of Associate who is lawfully a Belgian resident
  • They grant any foreigner who has lawfully and unceasingly reside in Belgium for a minimum of 5 years

Work permit group B

This is merely valid for one employer for a work phase of one year. It is renewal friendly, so it has a renewal permit. If the candidate changes his job, and so, his old employer conjointly changes, the new employer should file a brand new B permit on the candidate's behalf. once a candidate has resided and worked in Belgium for a minimum of 5 years on constant B permit and has had his B permit renewed for four or additional times, he will simply acquire an infinite A permit easily.

Work permit kind C

This is valid for all salaried paying professions and every employer, for a restricted time. It is a non-renewable form of the permit issued with solely a year's validity. It entitles that the client works for some variety of Belgian employers. It is effective only to domestic, agricultural, and seasonal employees.

Eligibility Criteria for a work permit

  • Visa applicants ought to have a sound or valid employment letter from a Belgian employer
  • Candidate ought to be extremely skilled with monthly wages of more than 1670 Euros
  • Candidate must possess needed academic qualifications and work expertise to get a high-level position that advertising is not needful
  • The candidate for the Assignment permit ought to have an expertise of minimum 6-12 months with the service supplier
  • For candidates who worked with a foreign company that gives services to a Belgian firm, submission of a sound copy contract between Belgium Company and the foreign company should be done. The Belgian company must take the responsibility of paying the entire candidate's taxes and social insurance.

Note: The foreign company must not be a recruiting company.

Documents needed

  • Passport validly of more than twelve months
  • They should original work permit or training permits to form the Belgium-based employer, or his representative, from the regional employment service that covers the employer's place of business
  • An invitation letter from the Belgian company or a dispatch letter from the corporate Indian body providing further information concerning the objectives of the trip
  • Medical certificate
  • You present a certificate to prove that you simply do not have any criminal record (PCC)


  • You will work and stay in Belgium for the overall period of your contract
  • Family members can accompany you, as you desire
  • You are at liberty to travel anywhere in Belgium

The Visa Fee and time of processing

The visa fee is one hundred eighty Euros (180 Euros)

The processing time

The process is in fifteen Calendar Days once the appliance took into account is admissible. In individual cases, whenever adequate scrutiny of the applicant, done by the Immigration department in the Belgian capital, Brussels, they extend the deadline up to about six months once the appliance has been disposed of admissible. Disclaimer: Embassy charges can change without prior notice. Please ensure before submitting the application

Process Flow

  1. Ensure you sign up with Opulentus
  2. The Belgian work visa permit will allocate officers to you that will guide you regarding all relevant documents
  3. They will also assign case officers to you that will assist in filling the required forms given to you.
  4. They will enlighten you in traveling and settling in Belgium
  5. The case officer helps you with the submission of your documents
  6. The embassy arrange for your interview date

Post-Landing Services

Once the candidate receives his/her Belgium Work Permit, we provide post landing and resettlement services.

Our post landing and resettlement services help include:

  • Accommodation and travel help (if needed at further cost)
  • Pick up at the airport - further charges
  • Information about the work setting and style

Country Profile

Belgium is the founding father of the European Union. From the immigration knowledge we have, it is a stunning country where one can realize great and numerous cultures, linguistic and communities. The nation incorporates a stable political and economic setting. Individuals of Belgium have a high-class standard of living and possess one of the best health and education facilities. However, Belgium has a shortage of IT, Management, Healthcare, and extremely professionals; therefore, the Belgian government immediately accepts immigration applications of extremely experienced in those fields and skilled professionals.

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