Eu Blue Card Bulgaria

Overview - Bulgaria EU Blue Card

Bulgaria's EU Blue card has a similitude with the great and renowned American Green card. This immigration document gives an opportunity to emigrants to seek job opportunities accessible in the dazzling country of Bulgaria.

EU Blue Card-Bulgaria becomes invalid after a space of 2 years; it also affords the opportunity of migrating with family members.


  • Second degree/Masters Degree or its equivalent.
  • At least 5 years of work involvement or experience.
  • You need a work contract and ought to have a month to month pay of something like 1.5 times the normal gross settled reference year by request of the Minister of Immigration.
  • A contract of 1 year or more is a must-have.
  • You must be healthy and have a good character.
  • Possession of health and travel insurance is mandatory.

Documents Required

  • Transcripts, certificates and any other educational documents as a proof of completion of the higher degree.
  • Employment contract with a Bulgarian employer or company.
  • Adequately filled standard application form.
  • Documents to certify work experience, etc.

EU Blue Card- Bulgaria Benefits

  • Temporal Permanent Residence Permit with 3 months extension of the contracted duration with your employer, however, its validity cannot extend beyond 2 years.
  • A route getting the permanent or long-term residence permit.
  • The validity of the permits of family members do not really matter, they can always join the holder.
  • It provides the lengthiest duration of employment in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • The procedures for obtaining the needed documents are less stressful.

Visa Application Fee

The Bulgarian government charges 199.033 Euros for the EU Blue Card-Bulgaria.

Country Profile

Bulgaria known as the Republic of Bulgaria is located at the Eastern part of Balkan Peninsula. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union but yet to join the Schengen area. Bulgaria is said to run on the basis of the free market because of the presence of an enormous private sector and availability of limited public sectors. According to World Bank, "Bulgaria is an industrialized upper-middle-income country". Bulgaria belongs to Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), World Trade Organisation (WTO), and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

Tourism, mining, agriculture, IT products exportation amongst many others are the main sources of income of Bulgaria. Bulgarian's national currency, lev (leva-plural) is the strongest national currency in the Eastern part of Europe. It currently has an exchange rate of approximately 2 leva to 1 euro.

Highly skilled immigrants with higher educational certificates prefer Bulgaria because:

  • They are presented with large and various career options to choose from.
  • They are entitled to gargantuan remuneration packages which are line with international standards.
  • They have access to the education system with international standards.
  • The country as extremely low or minimal crime rates. Hence, the country is safe.
  • The country has a desirable culture.
  • They have access to excellent and qualitative health care services which comes at a relatively low price.
  • Of the availability of international lifestyle.
  • On becoming a citizen, they can travel to over one hundred countries without a visa.
  • Of the beautiful and lovely climate as well as the environment.
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