Canada Dependent Visa


Canada offers its citizens and permanent the option of bringing in their family. One of such is the dependent visa. It allows you to bring in someone who would depend on your during their sojourn in Canada. Thus, you would not have any problem reuniting with that important family member.

To whom it is Applicable?

The Canada Dependent Visa is for those who would travel to Canada to meet their relatives or spouse. Dependent children are those who are below 22 years of age and unmarried. Those above 22 may be considered for special consideration.


Eligibility for a Canada Dependent Visa is not based on one party alone but for the two parties involved. The sponsor and the beneficiary.

Eligibility for a Sponsor

You're eligible to sponsor someone to Canada if you:

  • Are the Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have a valid work permit.
  • Have the sufficient fund to support the dependant.
  • Have a signed agreement with your dependant during the stay.
  • Have shown that your funds are sufficient to sponsor someone. You should include this when applying.

Eligibility for Sponsorship

To be eligible for the scholarship is not clear-cut but you should have a relationship with your sponsor. Spouses and partners can be sponsored, so also is your children or your partner's children. Spouse or common-law partner must be more than 18 years before application.

Eligibility of Spouse

A spouse can migrate to Canada if they can show within reasonable doubt that they are married to their sponsor. This can be verified with a marriage document issued in the country where the marriage happened.

Eligibility of Common-law Partner

Canada is a liberal country, and it allows the sponsor to bring in their common-law partner. The Common-law partner is a partner that has some commitment but not yet married. This can be eligible if:

  • The partner and the sponsor have been in a continuing relationship for at least a year.
  • The sponsor would be willing to sign an undertaking to be financially responsible for the upkeep of the partner for a period of three years.

Dependent Children Eligibility

A dependent child can be sponsored if:

  • There's a proof that the child is legitimately that of the sponsor.
  • He/she is below the age of 22 and is unmarried. If the child has a common-law partner, the child would not be considered dependent.
  • The child is dependent on the parent before turning 22.
  • The child is a full-time student.
  • The child has a disability, physical or mental.

What are its Benefits?

  • Your spouse can start working immediately as he/she settles in Canada.
  • Your spouse or child's visa is valid as long as yours is valid. Except they involved in criminal cases.

What Documents Do the Dependent Need?

  • Valid passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Police certificate
  • Biometrics which would be submitted to the embassy in the country of application.

Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Canada Dependent Visa is between two to three months. This differs from embassy to embassy and the country where the dependent relative is located.

Visa Fee

The visa fee is $1,040. That is for one dependent relative.

Additional Fees

You must pay for the cost of procuring the police reports, medical examinations, and language assessments.

Note: The amount mentioned above is in Canadian dollars.

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