Canada Federal Trade Worker Class Evaluation

Evalution of the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada is slowly turning itself into a bank of skilled workers as it attracts as many skilled workers all over the world as possible in order to boost its economic prowess. The country achieves this through a selection scheme that evaluates the education, language proficiency, work experience, age and adaptability of the applicant.

Canada Federal Trade Worker Class Evaluation is very important to be taken by every prospective immigrant to Canada so that they can decide their chances of getting qualified for a Work Permit Visa for Canada.

Who can apply for Visa Services under the Trade Worker Class Evaluation?

  • Skilled workers living overseas with an offer of Employment in Canada.
  • Employees living in Canada who have an offer of employment in the country.

Please note that the employment offer should last for a minimum of one year

Eligibility Requirements for a Canada Work Visa

Under the Canada Federal Trade Worker Class Evaluation, it is required that individuals who have been offereda work in Canada should meet the following requirements;

  • Should have no plans of settling in the province of Quebec as the province has its own selection system.
  • Their offer of employment should be in a skilled trade from one or more employers in Canada that can last for a minimum of one year.
  • The skilled trade shouldbe recognized under the National Occupational Classifications (NOC) Skill levelB which encompasses technical jobs and skilled trades. An applicant can otherwise have a Certification of qualification in the skilled trade from a province or territorial body in Canada. The Canadian provinces control the certification of job qualifications as the various provinces agree on a regulatory format for professions. This implies that not every skilled trade is found in every province. In a case where an applicants skilled trade is not being regulated to his or her desired province, he or she would need to have an offer of employment from an employer in that province.
  • Should meet all the requirements for the job as stipulated by the National Occupational Classification
  • Should present their employment letter. The Evaluation Class helps individuals with an offer of employment in Canada or who have previously gotten Canada Work Visa.The employment opportunity should be demanded by the province of interest.
  • Have a minimum of one-year work experience within the past five years in the skilled trade.
  • Applicants under this class should show a level of expertise in English or French with reference to the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The language test must be done at an agency assigned by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) only.

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