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The Canada Open Work Permit was introduced as a means of attracting foreign students to Canada. Foreign students on study permit are given the opportunity to have an open work permit which allows them to take up jobs of their choice without a job offer from an employer.

Spouses and common-law partners of a temporary foreign worker and international students who also wish to work in Canada for an employer in Canada are eligible to have this Canada work visa.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant Eligibility

For any applicant to be qualified for Open Work Permit Visa to Canada, there are some criteria for each category of immigrant that they must possess. They are stated below:

For Foreign Student

  • Foreign students who graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution are qualified for a three-year working permit and having an offer of employment is not a necessity when applying.
  • International students must have graduated from either a public or private Canadian tertiary institution, as long as the latter is 50% government funded.
  • The international student must file an application for Open work permit within 90 days of getting a confirmation from the educational institution where they had met the prerequisites of the program
  • The international student must have graduated from a program with a duration of not less than 2 years.
  • Lastly, international students are expected to have valid student permit

Visa Program Details

For Spouse or The issue of Common Law relationship

  • Dependent spouse’s partner is expected to be a full-time diploma/degree or postgraduate student  with a valid student permit
  • Dependent spouse’s partner must have a valid work permit or be in a fellowship program
  • Have 0-1 working experience.
  • Must show financial proof that he can take care of his needs and his dependants.
  • A dependant can apply for the work permit, and this document will have the same expiry date not different from the main applicant.

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Benefits of Program

Advantages of Applying for Spousal Dependent Work Permit:

  • By availing Spouse Dependent Work Permit your Dependent can work full time while he/she is in Canada.
  • It is not required for appearing the IELTS Exam as a Language Proficiency Test to avail Spouse Dependent work permit.
  • No need of the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) or Employment offer at the time of application if your spouse is already in Canada on valid visa status.
  • The applicant can live with their spouse in Canada until the sponsor work permit is valid.
  • You can also extend your staying with your Dependent in Canadian Nation by extending the validity of your visa. It can be possible if your spouse has extended the validity of his/her valid visa status.
  • As we are licensed Immigration consultants, we are aware of the visa processes and necessary documents for Spouse Dependent Work Permit even if they are case specific, and we are able to ensure the whole process to be smooth, hassle free and quick visa process.

Visa Processing Details

Work Permit for all Dependents

When dependant gets Open work permits, it enables them to take or work in any company of their choice. No dependant can stay longer than the main applicant. Prior to entering into the country, every relatives or dependant are to apply for permit separately. They are also expected to attach a copy of the main applicant permit.

Some other documents require are listed below:

  • Confirmation letter from the present employer
  • A valid offer document from the applicant employer
  • Applicant copy of payment slips from the Canadian employer

Visa Application Costing

Visa Fee and Processing Time

The application fee for Canada Open Work Permit is as follows:

New employer: 155 CAD (takes 10 days for online application and 53 days for paper application)

Same employer: 155 CAD (takes 10 days for online application and 60 days for paper application)

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