Entrepreneur Program For British Columbia


There are different ways to Migrate to Canada. One such way is being an entrepreneur. That means you're rich enough to invest in a business. One of the Canadian provinces that support entrepreneurship is British Columbia, one of the richest provinces in Canada.

This entrepreneur program for British Columbia is part of the Provincial Nomination Program. Here, different provinces try to attract skilled individuals and investors to Canada.

To whom it is Applicable?

This opportunity is for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in a business in Canada. Note that you need to have investment money before moving there. Although you can begin a startup in British Columbia but that is not what this visa entails.

For you to be eligible for the BC PNP Visa, you must:

  • Have a net worth of at least CAD 600,000.
  • Have shown that you can manage a business.
  • Be willing to establish a new business in British Columbia. You can also buy a business.
  • Be willing to invest at least CAD 200,000 in the business.
  • Employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident on a full-time basis.
  • If you meet these conditions then, you would be able to apply for the British Columbia Entrepreneur visa.

Application Process

The application process comprises of these several steps:


You would have to complete online registration to be able to join the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP). When you create an account, you would have to submit a short business concept. You should do the necessary research before filling the form. Wrong information can mar your chances of getting an invitation.

Invitation for Application

Within 180 days or six months, you would receive an invitation to complete your application. If you are not invited, you should do another registration. However, if your concept is unique and your English proficiency is excellent, you should be invited. Complete the application. The deadline for complete application is 120 days or four months. Fill out the form within that period.


You may need to attend an interview at the British Columbia PNP offices located in Vancouver. Here you would present your business plan. You would also discuss your previous role in business. Your performance during the interview would lead to your approval.

Establishing Your Business

After your application approval, you will sign a Performance Agreement. Then, British Columbia would give you a work permit that would last for 610 days or 20 months. During this period British Columbia would monitor the business. You would have to submit a report before the end of the 610 days of arrival.


The British Columbia Authorities would check your report. If it meets the Performance Agreement, the BC PNP will nominate you for a Canada PR.

Why Choose Opulentus

Although the British Columbia authorities claimed that you should be able to complete the process on your own, such is not true of everybody. Choosing Opulentus visa services would help you get the needed information and help you not get stuck at any stage of your application. We are no novices to the game. Thousands trust us; you should too.

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