Investor Visa Eligibility Advisory Report For Quebec


There are different ways to migrate to Canada. You can choose Quebec, but you would want to know how the system works in Quebec. One of the best ways of Quebec immigration is when you are an investor. That means you're rich enough to invest in a business.

Why Investor Eligibility Evaluation

An evaluation is important because you would need to understand why you need to invest. You would need help in analyzing your risks and see what you missed earlier on. Our evaluation would process your documents within two business days. We have one of the highest success rates anywhere and would like you to give us a try.

To whom it is Applicable?

This opportunity is for investors who are willing to invest their money in Quebec. This means you must have money to invest in Quebec. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program has existed since 1986. Since that time, it has developed a reputation second to one throughout the world.

For you to be eligible for the Quebec Investor visa, you must:

  • Have a net worth of at least CAD$1.6 million. This can be joint net worth with a spouse or partner.
  • Have shown that you have the ability to manage a business for at least two years. That is within the past five years.
  • Sign an agreement to invest CAD$800,000 in Quebec through the government. This is a no-risk guaranteed investment for 5 years.
  • Intend to settle within the province of Quebec.

If you meet these conditions then, you would be able to apply for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Although, there are some other considerations. Age, language proficiency, education and work experience have their place in the assessment period.

Application Process

The application processes which will eventually earn you the Quebec Business Visa consist of several steps listed below:


A law firm would need to collect the applicant’s documents that the Quebec Investor Program requires. If the applicant is not proficient in English or in French, the law firm would help translate the documents by a certified translator.

Some of the needed documents are:

  • Documents identify the applicant.
  • Educational qualification documents.
  • Managerial experience documentation.
  • Financial documents.
  • Police Clearance certificate.

The applicant would need to review the documents before signing the QIIP application form. The applicant would also need to sign the power of an attorney mandate. This would enable the law firm to speak to the government on applicant’s behalf.

The applicant would need to pay CAD$15.111 for initial processing.


At the success of an application, a Quebec immigration officer would schedule an interview with the applicant. Within the ten days of the interview's schedule, the applicant must submit any necessary documentation. The lawyer working with the applicant would help the applicant in this regard.

Transferring of Funds

If the interview is successful, the applicant would need to transfer the CAD$800,000 within 100 days. The Quebec immigration officer would send the transfer instruction to the applicant. After which the immigration officers would issue a Certificat de Selection du Quebec or CSQ to the applicant.


The applicant would undergo medical examinations. Same goes for anyone accompanying applicant. After a hitch-free medical, the applicant would be issued a Canadian Investor Visa.

Processing Period

It would take 9 - 12 months for the Quebec government to issue CSQ.

It would take another 3 - 4 years for the Federal authorities through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to process the file.

Visa Fees

Before applicant pays the visa fee, he/she would need to pay a first processing fee of CAD$15.111. The visa processing fee is CAD$1050 while permanent residency fee is $490. Additional family member would pay $550 for processing and $490 for permanent residency fee. A dependent would pay $150.

Why Choose Us

The Quebec Immigration and Investment Program is a complicated one. Approaching us would help you reduce the workload as we would arrange all the documents for you. We have experience in the industry and know the right way to handle things. Try us today and see why we are on top of the travelling game.

Why to Select Opulentus?

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