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How to Migrate Germany through EU Blue Card

The Germany EU Blue Card which is similar to the USA's Green Card, is a work permit granted to individuals from Non-EU countries.

When it comes to the manufacturing and export of automobiles and electronic goods, Germany happens to be amongst the top three players. Their economy is also one of the largest in the European Union.

On August 1st 2012, it became compulsory for every skilled Non-EU worker in Germany to obtain the Germany EU Blue Card. The aim is to give Non-EU citizens who are skilled professionals the opportunity to legally stay and work in Germany. This has made migrating to Germany more appealing to qualified foreign nationals.

Before putting in for the Blue card, you need to have a highly qualified degree and a decent Work in Germany.

Germany EU Blue Card Requirements

A Non-EU citizen or foreigner can apply for the EU Blue Card once they meet the following requirements.

  • Must possess a university degree from a German University or an accredited foreign university.
  • Proof of valid employment that shows earnings of €50,800 annually.
  • For shortage occupations like; scientists, mathematics, engineers, medical doctors and IT- skilled workers, earnings proof of €39,624 per annum is required.
  • A written declaration by your German employer.
  • A genuine travel document.
  • A completed application form filled by yourself or your German employer.
  • About two recent passport photographs.
  • Evidence of accommodation

For individuals without a university degree, a five year work experience will enable them get the EU Blue Card.

EU Blue Card Benefits

  • The Germany Blue Card is valid for up to four years.
  • Family members of an EU Blue Card owner can work without limitations in Germany.
  • It is not compulsory for the spouse or other family members of a Blue Card holder to understand the German language before being able to join the Blue Card holder in the country.
  • After staying in Germany for 18 months, Blue card owners can move to any other EU country.
  • Staying in a non-EU country for a long period does not render your EU Blue Card invalid.
  • Applying for a residence permit (Aufenthaltstite) can be done three years after getting your EU blue card. If you have a good knowledge of German language at level B1, then you can apply for residence permit within two years.
  • With your Blue Card, you get to enjoy the full benefits every other citizen of Germany gets. These include pension, social security, health insurance, tax benefits etc.
  • The parents of a newborn child are entitled to a three year leave so as to devote proper care to their newborn.
  • Workers get to enjoy a special financial support to parents called the Parental Benefit. It is available to parents who are unable to work for 14 months after the birth of their child.

If you have the skills which German employers are looking for, make that move today by applying for the Blue Card European Union for Germany.

Visa Fee

The German embassy Charges the following fee from applicants of Germany Blue card

  • 4400 INR: First time issuance
  • 100 Euros: EU Blue Card renewal

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