Construction Workers In Toronto Can Apply For Canada Pr From 3rd Sept

Construction Workers in Toronto Can Apply for Canada PR from 3rd Sept | Updated: 04 Sep 2019

Apply for Canada PR
Construction workers who are having Out of status in the Greater Toronto Area can begin the process of appealing for Canada PR as of 3 September 2019.

The latest Temporary Federal Policy for Construction Workers with Out-of-Status in the GTA needs applicants to first appeal to the Canadian Labor Congress (C.L.C). The Canadian Labor Congress will then refer qualified candidates and along with their family members to Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C).

Applications started on the website of CLC on 3 September 2019. The Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada will start allowing applications referred by the C.L.C on 2 January 2020.

The Temporary Public Policy was published in July 2019 to offer a possibility to construction workers along with their families who originally arrived in Canada on a temporary work permit, but abandoned their status.

This policy is also intended to help to address labor shortages in the industry of construction in this region.

Eligibility Requirements for Construction Workers with Out-of-Status in the GTA

Foreign Citizens who either:

  • Lawfully entered Canada with a status of temporary residence; and, priorly received permission to work in the industry of construction; and,
  • Provide evidence of filing income tax returns in Canada or announcing income in Canada (400 major applicants); or,
  • Lawfully entered Canada with a status of temporary residence(100 major applicants);
  • Have continuously resided in Canada for a minimum of 5 years on the date of their appeal;
  • Are presently working without permission in the industry of construction in the GTA and have gained full-time three years of work experience in the preceding five years in the industry of construction in the GTA in one of the below NOC codes:

  • Primary Group 73 equipment and maintenance and operation trades
  • Primary Group 72 Skilled and Trades Transport and Equipment Operators
  • NOC 7611: construction trades laborers and helpers
  • NOC 7441: commercial and residential installers
  • NOC 7521: heavy machine operators (excluding crane)
  • Have language proficiency at CLB 4 in all disciplines.
  • Have a letter of reference signed by the Canadian Labour Congress indicating that the candidate satisfies the above conditions;
  • Have not been considered unsuitable for any reason other than overstaying their status of temporary residence and working without permission.

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