South Africa Critical Skilled Visa

Introduction: Immigrating to South Africa

South Africa is a country with a continuous growth of economy and production sector. The government of South Africa conjointly realized that Critical skills and demand for workforce are required to assist growth and to support the economic process of the multi-colored nation, which they might have to compel from outside the country's borders. Knowing their needs, and lacking qualified and competency to attain this, and that they need the skilled workforce in varied positions had to implement these Critical skills. For this reason, they utilize several foreigners. Therefore, if you are not a South African, you need to apply for a work Visa.

A unique set of skills is estimable to the South African critical skill sector that brings worth socially, economically or in any surroundings within which they are going to operate. South Africa visa is not to those in educational professions alone.

Critical Skills allowed in South Africa

The government of South Africa has enforced the important Skills allowed. This Critical Skill visa aims to attract those in other countries, having bright talent and skill in specific areas requiring development on South African shores. SA is the quickest growing countries on the African continent with the foremost liberal laws; these qualified migrants become the strongest country's development boom. Work visas are not as complex as they seem to appear, and tactlessly most firms do often not understand this. The South African organization wants a relevant candidate to confirm the applicant's skills and/or qualifications in writing. If you have an academic degree in an exceedingly specific field and or have written articles on his field, this tends to gain an edge for higher approval of the application. If you seemingly are appointed, they clear you from your former job.

Generally, firms are shortsighted: needing solely to use somebody that will be able to meet up their target in a month's time.

What is the critical skills work visa?

Relevant skills associate degree qualifications seem to get an entry into Republic of South Africa; the Government requires some exceptional skill. An individual with such skills or qualifications might get an important Skills Work Visa.

This critical skill gives you advantages such as:

  • It allows you to get a work visa while no employment supply.
  • You will enter and stay in South Africa for three to twelve months to secure a position.
  • It can be a pathway to permanent residence and an instant 5-year working visa.
  • The Critical Skills Work Visa is valid for at most 3 years, and extension is feasible.
  • There is Freedom to navigate between employers.
  • There are fewer obligations on employers.


  • Critical visa falls within the temporary residency visa stream and permits Indians to live legally up to 5 years.
  • They approve Critical Visa on the candidate (applicant) having the ability to indicate that they hold the individual work expertise and qualifications required in the specific field of occupation as listed on the Critical Skills
  • Under this critical visa, the holder should secure employment in his specific field, among twelve months.
  • The applicants need not acquire a letter of advice from the Department of Labor
  • This visa conjointly offers the conveyor the choice to apply as a permanent residency within the country, subject to bound conditions. However, they approve it immediately if the candidate will prove five years’ expertise in their field of experience

South Africa Visa Eligibility Assessment

  • The applicant will ensure comfortable data and to know if they are qualified to fill a position listed on the critical skills list.
  • The SAQA should recognize the applicant' s occupation, and registered with the professional body in S.A.
  • Your summated proof must be beside your visa application.
  • The need for this registration is to substantiate that the individual holds the required skills and skill as explicit on their application. It conjointly subjects them to the rules beneath that his or her profession is ruling in S.A.

The Process Concerned

  • They evaluate the applicant's qualifications, and credentials
  • The process will state that the applicant actually meets the desired ethics of their occupation
  • They may want you to prove valid three-five years work experience

Process Flow

Step 1: register with Abroad Immigration

Step 2: Submit relevantly and needed documents to Abroad Immigration

Step 3: secret agent prepare your file with the specified documentation

Step 4: The shopper gives the final orientation of the documents in conjunction

Step 5: we fasten Appointment date, and we enlightened to you

Step 6: Submission of documents in conjunction with alternative needed information like biometric fingerprints

Step 7: knowledgeable recommendation and guidance on traveling, finding out, and subsidence in Denmark

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