Uk Sole Representative Visa


The UK Sole Representative Visa is applied for a representative of a company that is interested in setting up a branch or subsidiary in the UK. This company must be one whose headquarters is not in the European Economic Area (EEA).

This Work Permit Visa is issued to either;

  • Sole representatives of any overseas company who are planning to own a branch of their own in the UK and start up a business or,
  • An employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcast organization that is posted on an approved long-term assignment to the UK.

Requirement from company

  • The company must be legitimate and existed for more than one year and is overseas incorporated
  • The sent representative must be of benefit of the company
  • The majority of the company dealings must be done outside of the UK when the visa is granted.
  • The allocated budget of the company for the UK's branch must be realistic relative to the company's size and the nature of its dealings.


  • A sole representative must apply from outside the UK or any of the European Economic Areas.
  • He must be cleared to have enough money to fend for himself without the help of funds from the public.
  • He must have satisfied the requirements of English language and be able to fluently communicate in the country in order to be effective.
  • He must have an utmost understanding of his job description in the UK.

Duration Allowed for Application

For an employee or a representative to Work in the UK with this Sole Representative Visa, he or she must have applied in the earliest, three months before the planned travel. This is how long it takes to get this kind of UK work Visa. This means, for example, that if an employee or representative plans to travel on 3rd of April, he or she must have applied since the 4th of January.

An applicant is most likely expected to get a decision on the visa application within three weeks if he or she applies from outside the UK.


As it was said at the beginning of this article, there are two categories of people who this visa can be issued to;

Sole representative of an overseas company or business, they are required to pay £610.

For employees of any newspaper firm, all news agencies or a broadcasting organization on time taking assignments, it would cost them £610.

How long can one be allowed to stay?

The preliminary period allowed to come to the UK for this purpose is three (3) years. However, before the duration elapses, the sole representative or employee can apply for an extension of two (2) years. After these five (5) years, he or she can then apply for approval to settle perpetually in the UK.

What an applicant can do

An employee can have a full-time employment with your employer.

He is allowed to bring his family as dependents to live with him in the UK.

He is allowed to extend his visa as many times as he wants.

A sole representative can finally settle in the UK to live after he or she has been there for five years.

What an applicant can't do

A sole representative can't work for himself or decide to work for any other company.

A sole representative cannot stay in the UK if the agreement with his employer is ended by the employer due to one reason or another.

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