Uk Tier 4 Visa


The UK Student Visa (Tier 4 - UK Study Visa) is issued to international students wanting to study in the UK. The key to a successful application is that the applicant in question must have a genuine intent to study. He or she must have the required documents.

This point-based student visa is available to students ranging from 16 years old above.


This application comes with some qualifications which would be enumerated below for UK Immigration;

  • The student must have been given admission to study in the specified school and must have been given a course,
  • Such a student must be well versed in the English language, both by speech and by text,
  • Such a student must be able to fend for himself and must be able to pay for his course, one which differs in amounts,
  • Such a student must not be from any of the European Economic Areas(EEA), neither must he or she be from Switzerland,
  • Such a student must meet all the other eligibility requirements we would be looking at later in this article.

This offer is open until 2021 as there would not be any changes whatsoever to the rights and statuses of EU citizens who are currently in this European Country, however, if a student still wants to live there even after the change, he or she might need to apply for a settled status visa, switching from UK Student visa, come March 2019.

When to Apply

A student must apply for the student visa three months before he/she starts his/her course. The student always receives decisions concerning the student visa services within three weeks of the application. Processing time for your country can be found here.


Cost is usually €348 when the student is applying from outside of the UK, and he must pay €348 for each dependent. There are other charges to be paid too like health charges.

How long can you stay?

He/she is allowed to come a week before the beginning of a six months programme and a month before the beginning of an above six months programme. Generally, the course of a student determines the duration he/she is allowed to stay in the United Kingdom.


The major eligibility that concerns the well-being of the student is the two that was aforementioned; an unconditional offer of provisional admission relating to the course mentioned and enough money to pay for his or her course and also to fend for his or herself.

Courses Offered:

A student can either do a full-time study, a part-time study, an overseas course of the degree, a recognized programme or an English language course that is at level B2 or even higher on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For postgraduate doctors and dentists to apply for this, he must have finished a recognized UK degree either in human medicine or dentistry that was received from a sponsor who is a registered Tier 4 holder and must have been studying in the UK for at least a year.

UK Student Visa application must be done no more than six months after a student must have received a confirmation of admission or acceptance of studies for the UK Tier 4 General programme. Different procedures are put in place for students who have studied in the UK before, who are continuing their studies, the ones starting a new course and the ones applying to work in the UK.

What you can do

You're eligible to do the following under the student visa:

  • Study
  • Apply for an extension of visa
  • Work in places where your course is accepted and depending on your sponsor type
  • Make application from within or outside the UK

What you can't do

  • Access public funds
  • Cannot work as a professional sportsman or coach

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