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Canada Manitoba PNP Evaluation is a program created to help immigrants determine if they stand a chance of qualifying for a Canada MPNP Visa. It basically runs a point assessment through your visa application and determines if you would get a visa or not. Canada MPNP has helped the province identify skilled workers and have sent them direct Invitation to Apply as a Strategic Recruitment Initiative to speed up their Immigration Process. The program has proven to be a very helpful means of saving cost and time hence simultaneously reducing the risk and stress of applying for a visa. It is advisable for all immigrants who plan to Settle in Canada to take this MPNP Evaluation.

Canada MPNP Visa

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP) is responsible for the selection of qualified immigrants based on certain criteria as accepted by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Prospective Canadian immigrants can obtain a visa through the express entry and outside express entry. These two streams are evaluated and graded differently thus applicants should be careful not to mix up the grading systems. Canada MPNP Evaluation does a detailed and exhaustive appraisal of your application according to the grading system used in the stream you are applying with.

Evaluation by Point Assessments

Evaluation by Point Assessments

This is a rating system that uses parameters like language proficiency, age, work experience, education and adaptability to grade the applicants. One must score a minimum of 60 points to qualify. However, applicants trying to get in through the Skilled Worker Overseas stream would still need to have a strong connection with Manitoba irrespective of the points they make. The parameters are assessed thus:

Language Proficiency : The official languages spoken in Canada are English and French. An applicant is expected to obtain an MPNP language proficiency test within the last two years to ascertain his or her fluency. The maximum point that can be gotten from this parameter is 25

Age : Applicants below the age of 18 earn very low scores. Those above the age of 55 do not earn any score. The maximum point that can be obtained in this section is 10

Education : Here, scores are allocated based on the level of educational attainment a person has reached. A doctorate degree holder earns 25 scores while a person without a formal post-secondary school education doesn't earn any point.

Work Experience : Scores increase with applicant's years of experience. The maximum score for this factor is 15.

Adaptability:Points are allocated based on the strength of the connection an applicant has with Manitoba and the chances of employment. Based on the information provided on the application, the program looks at the economic buoyancy of the applicants and considers the tendency to settle down in Canada. The highest score a person can earn at this point is 25. Strong connection to Manitoba, however, bears the bulk of the point.

Prerequisite Document

To be able to apply to the MPNP concerning to your invitation, you are required to upload your letter of invitation as received from the MPNP during your interview.

How important is having a strong connection with Manitoba to the Canada immigration system?

To be eligible for a visa in Canada, skilled workers must prove that they have an existing and strong connection with the city. The established connection can be with family members (close or distant), friends, institutions or better still an invitation from the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to apply for their visa services. Having a close relative in Manitoba earns you an instant 20 points. Relatives that are considered close include applicants' parents, sibling(s), grandparents, uncle or aunt, nieces or nephews, and first cousins. Please note that this list doesn't include children because applicants who are parents are not allowed to use their children living in the city as Manitoba supporters. Spouse and common law partners are not also included for the same reason.

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