Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program


The Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP) is designed to allow skilled foreigners who can be gainfully employed in the city to live and work there with ease. The city boils with opportunities made available by its agricultural wealth and a vast array of natural resources. The Program targets members of the active population in various countries of the world who can contribute immensely to the economic growth of Canada.  The beauty of people living together as a family is largely protected as applicants can also seek Permanent Residence for their family members.

Program Details

Who can apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program?

Anybody with great skills and training who is either on a temporary stay in Manitoba or is anywhere else in the world but intends to live in Manitoba is qualified to apply for the program. It is, however, important to note that despite what category one falls into, the ability to communicate in English is pertinent. Good news is that there are no stipulated deadlines for submission of applications!

  • Skilled workers in Manitoba
  • Individuals working in Manitoba without a permanent residence and international student graduates who have acquired full-time jobs in the province can submit the Provincial Nomination Program application.

  • Skilled workers overseas
  • Highly skilled workers living in other countries and interested in migrating to Canada are welcome to apply. For this category, applications are considered on the basis of points which are allocated to conditions like fluency in English - 25, Education - 25, Work Experience - 15, Age - 10 and Adaptability -25. It is required that applicants should have a minimum cumulative point of 60 to qualify.

If a person has a genuine connection with Manitoba, perhaps through people, work or academic history, he or she can apply for Canada MPNP visa.

Applicants will be required to provide the following documents

  • Valid passports
  • Birth certificate, certificate of origin, marriage certificate, certificate of fitness
  • Evidence of fluency in English
  • Educational documents
  • Work Experience

Asides helping people become Canada citizens, the Canada MPNP visa program helps immigrants access the various benefits available to an average citizen.

Immigrants who come in because of their strong connection with Manitoba are usually allowed to accompany the main applicant and to acquire a permanent residence. However, connections are not considered strong enough if they do not fall into at least one of these categories of people;

  • Husband or wife (should provide the legal entity that confirms their marriage)
  • Common law partner
  • Biological or adopted children below the age of 18 (should provide legal entity that permits custody)

If a Biological or adopted child between the age of 18 and 25 wishes to accompany a parent (applicant), consideration will only be made if the child:

  • Is not married and is not in a common-law relationship
  • Does not provide for self financially because of health issues
  • Is in an institution for learning or training

However, any child who doesn't fit into any of these descriptions above but insists on accompanying the parent is advised to also submit an application together with that of the rightful applicant (parent), stating his or her relationship with the rightful applicant.

Application Costing

Visa Fee Charges

The cost of acquiring a visa changes with time; hence, budgeting for a visa is very necessary.

The main applicant is charged $550 as a processing fee.

Family members who are up to the age of 19 and above are usually charged this same amount.

The family members that are either in a common law relationship or are married but are below 19 years are also required to pay $550.

Single-family members below 19 years are to pay $150 each.

About Manitoba

The beauty that nature provides is pure and harmless, stands the test of time and is mostly replenishing. Manitoba is a peaceful and beautiful city seated at the heart of Canada. Its soil is rich with food and resources, hence bearing promises of productivity and wealth. The serenity of the environment simply beckons on all to come and dwell in it. If you have the chance to make a choice, why not Manitoba?

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