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Looking for Migration to Canada?

If you're thinking of migrating to Canada and you choose Quebec, you would want to know the kind of visa to apply for and how the process works. Although Quebec is a region in Canada, it has its own immigration system. Thus, you can live in Canada, but you would need a different Immigration rule to be in Quebec.

While you would have heard of Canada's easy visa application process, you should not fret about migrating to Quebec. This province has a streamlined and fast Visa Immigration Process. One easy immigration process is the Experience Class. This is like the Canada Experience Class, and it's an easy and accelerated way to Migrate to Quebec. You would still need a visa from the Federal government of Canada. But you would need to first apply for an Immigration Quebec Selection Certificate.

Who is it for?

The Quebec Experience Class is in two categories. One is for foreign students and temporary foreign workers.

Quebec Experience Class for Foreign Students

To qualify for this programme, you would have to meet these requirements:

  • You have studied in a school in Quebec with the programme being at least 2 years. If you're graduating soon, you can also apply.
  • Your diploma or degree is from a school recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education.
  • You have completed an intermediate level of French. You should have a test result to show that you completed it.
  • You graduated within three years of applying.

Quebec Experience Class for Temporary Foreign Workers

You qualify for this programme if:

  • You have completed at least a year of skilled work within the past two years.
  • You have completed an intermediate level of French from an accredited institution.
  • You should be able to present a standardized French proficiency test result.
  • You are currently employed and have legal status as a temporary resident in Quebec.
  • You can support yourself or anyone dependent on you for at least 3 months after you're granted the residency.

What are its Benefits?

Permanent Residency.

Social Security.

Your family members can be with you

How to Apply

There are two steps to apply for the Quebec Experience Class Programme.

First, you have to apply for Certificat de Selection du Quebec (Quebec Selection Certificate) or CSQ. This document requires you to Migrate to Quebec.

Then, you need to submit your Visa application to the Canadian Immigration Authorities. The authorities would approve you for Canada PR Visa.

What Documents Do You Need?

  • Valid passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Employment letter
  • Educational documents
  • Police certificate
  • Language proficiency test documents

Visa Processing Time

Quebec Experience Class takes a short period to be processed. You should be approved within a month of applying.

Visa Fee

Principal applicant: $550

Processing fee

You must include this fee when applying.

You would pay $1050 and $550 for any family member older than 19 except he/she is married or in a common-law relationship.

Unmarried family member under 19 years would pay $150.

Permanent Residence Fee

You only pay this after your application is approved.

Principal applicant $490

Spouse or common-law partner $490

Additional Fees

You must pay for the cost of procuring the police reports, medical examinations, and language assessments. Note that, the amount is in Canadian dollars.

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