Ircc In 2018 Highest Number Of Express Entry Itas Received By Indians

IRCC: In 2018 Highest Number of Express Entry ITAs Received by Indians | Updated: 05 Jul 2019

IRCC: In 2018 Highest Number of Express Entry ITAs Received by Indians

Indians received the tremendous number of Canadian Express Entry I.T.A.s in 2018, states the Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C.)’s 2018 year-end report for the Federal Express Entry. As per the report, of the whole number of ITAs for Canada P.R. issued, 41,675 ITAs, which means approximately 46%, went to citizens of India. China came second place with 6,248 ITAs, attended by Nigeria, Pakistan, and the U.K.

Canada accepted higher than 92,000 new permanent residents by Express Federal Entry system in 2018, states the report. It shows a 41% growth in the immigrants' number admitted by the system related to last year. This remarkable increase can be attached to the increased admission goals for the three Federal High Skilled immigration programs in economic-class managed by the system —the Federal Skilled Trades Class, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Worker Class also the Provincial Nominee Program immigration streams that are associated to the federal Express Entry system.

Express Entry Invitations 

The Express Entry system controls appeals for Canada immigration by the three economic Canadian immigration programs– the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trades Class. As per the year-end report, approximately 280,000 Express Entry profiles were presented in 2018. Out of these, 70% were found to be suitable for minimum one of the three High Skilled Economic programs. Applicants of Federal Skilled Worker Class got 53% of the entire number of I.T.A.s announced by Federal Express Entry in 2018, which equals to 47,523 out of the total 89,800 ITAs. Meanwhile Canadian Experience Class got the second-highest number of I.T.A.s in the year 2018 at 30,571, Federal Skilled Trades Class applicants obtained 904 ITAs.

High Demand for Software Engineers 

The most common profession among those who obtained I.T.A.s in the year 2018 was a software engineer. In the past year, the most significant demand was for Information Systems Consultants and Analysts, and in 2018, it came into second place. The third common profession was a computer programmer, attended by administrative assistants and financial auditors.

Human Capital Factors

51% of Federal Express Entry applicants who got an I.T.A.s in 2018 were aged between 20 and 29, reveals the I.R.C.C. data.  While 48% had a Master’s degree, 42% had a post-secondary of three years or greater. While 60% of the applicants had no work experience in Canada, 39% had five years or higher international work experience.

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